MERF ISH is one of the pioneering centres for hearing restoration in this part of the world. Students have hands-on experience in handling the worlds most sophisticated and cutting edge technologies.

All students have to undergo a mandatory clinical and technical training during the course, which will allow them to deal with patients and the technologies used to diagnose, treat and monitor them. Only after completion of the stipulated hours of training they will be eligible to appear for the university examination.

The theory classes are scheduled well in advance for the complete academic year. Students will be constantly monitored by their mentoring teacher, who will always be available to assist them whenever required. The students will also have the opportunity to lecture during their academic year, to develop their teaching skills.

The students will be encouraged and supported for research both at the undergraduate and post graduate level, since we are one of the leading research centres for hearing restoration and being the only institute in India to collaborate with the Hearring group for international multi centric study, The students will have opportunity to work with many scientists all over the world.

Apart from the regular academic training, the students will also be given an opportunity to attend guest lectures by the professionals all over the world. Students are also encouraged to participate and present their research work in many national and international conferences.

Focussed group hands-On training will be provided by the manufacturer of hearing aid, Cochlear Implant and other audiological & Speech diagnostics equipment.

Students have full access to the library throughout their training period. The library is well equipped with the latest editions of renowned authors.

Students are also encouraged to develop their extracurricular skills, they are provided with opportunities to participate in inter college competitions.