List Of Dissertations


1. 2020-2022 430320506001 to 430320506019 19
2. 2019-2021 431913001 to 431913020 20
3. 2018-2020 431813001 to 431813020 20
4. 2017-2019 431713001 to 431713004,
431713006 to 431713020
5. 2016-2018 431613001 to 431613018 18
6. 2015-2017 431513001 to 431513015 15
7. 2014-2016 431413001 to 431413010 10
8. 2013-2015 431313001 to 431313006 06
9. 2012-2014 431213001 to 431213005 05
10. 2011-2013 43111901 to 43111919 19
11. 2010-2012 43101001 to 43101009 09
Total no- of dissertations 160

YEAR: 2020—2022

1. AADITYA SINGH 430320506001 Monitoring the resonance property of middle ear with wideband Tympanometry in Cochlear Implantees Prof. Ranjith R/ Mr.Pachaiappan C
2. AKHILA SANTHOSH 430320506002 Training Neonatal Nurses to Evaluate Distress During Preterm Infant Feeding Dr. Aravind Kannan
3. GAURI SINGH 430320506003 Relationship between ECAP and behavioral responses in subjects with ABI Prof. Ranjith R
4. GUNJAN CHAUHAN 430320506004 Validation Of Spatial Hearing Handicap Index In SSD: Tamil Version Prof. Ranjith R/ Mr.Pachaiappan C
5. HRIDYA RAJAGOPAL 430320506005 Reading Readiness Tool in Malayalam Prof. Dr. AmirthaVarshini M J
6. INDRESH CHANDELE 430320506006 Characteristics Of Electrically Evoked Compound Action Potential (eCAP) in Subjects with Auditory Brainstem Implant (ABI). Prof. Ranjith R/ Ms. Deepika J
7. INDULEKHA S B 430320506007 Effect Of Video Modeling in Improving Verbs in Children With ASD Dr. Aravind Kannan
8. MADHUVAISHNAVI P 430320506008 Validation Of Swallowing Screening Protocol in Post-Acute Care Prof. Dr. AmirthaVarshini M J/ Ms. Divya S
9. NIKHILA A 430320506009 Microstructural Analysis of Aided vs Unaided Narratives in Individuals with Post Stroke Aphasia – A Comparative Study Prof. Dr. AmirthaVarshini M J/ Ms. Maria J
10. K.RAJESH 430320506010 Practices in Programming Cochlear Implant by an Audiologist in India Prof. Ranjith R/ Mr.Pachaiappan C
11. RESHMI KRISHNAN 430320506011 Infant cry Analysis using LingWAVES Prof. Dr. AmirthaVarshini M J/ Ms. Divya S
12. SACHU S P 430320506012 Knowledge on indications of Hearing loss among non-medical students: A Survey Study Prof. Ranjith R/ Ms. Anusha Rao S
13. SATYA GIRISH POKALA 430320506013 Feasibility Study on Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Standards in Chennai – MERFISH Pilot Study Prof Ranjith R/ Ms. Saranyaa G
14. SHAHEENA 430320506014 The effect of usage of facemasks on the perceptual and acoustic characteristics of voice Prof. Dr. AmirthaVarshini M J
15. SHRUTHI R 430320506015 Semantic Feature Production– A Comparison Between Young Adults and Geriatrics Prof. Dr. AmirthaVarshini M J / Ms. Maria J
16. SHUBHAMSAHU 430320506016 Efficacy of Speech and Swallow Rehabilitation Protocol in Individuals with Tracheostomy – A Preliminary Investigation Prof. Dr. AmirthaVarshini M J/ Ms. Divya S
17. SUBASHINI S 430320506017 Pediatric feeding practices and children’s eating behavior in India Prof. Dr. AmirthaVarshini M J/ Ms. Divya S
18. SWATI SOLANKI V 430320506018 The Effect of Frequency Allocation Tables on Pitch Perception in Post-Lingual Cochlear Implant users Prof. Ranjith R/ Ms. DhulaseKrithega
19. YUVA YOGA SHREE B 430320506019 Macrostructural and Microstructural Analysis in Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease Prof. Dr. AmirthaVarshini M J / Ms. Maria J

YEAR: 2019—2021

1. AKSHAY KRISHNAN 431913001 Development And Validation Of Cognition And Language Assessment Tool In Tamil (CLAT-T) for Adults And Geriatrics. Prof. Amirtha Varshini / Ms.Maria.J
2. ASTER FRANZ MIRANDA 431913002 The Role Of Audiologists And Speech Language Pathologists In The Assessment And Management Of Neonates : Neonatologists Perspective Mr. R. Ranjith / Ms. Saranyaa. G / Ms. Divya. S
3. ASVITHA 431913003 Relationship Between Tone And Speech Evoked ESRT Measured In Both Ipsilateral And Contralateral Ear. Mr. R. Ranjith / Ms.Deepika Jayachandran
4. DHILIP.C.M 431913004 Validation Of Acoustic Voice Quality Index In Tamil Prof. Amirtha Varshini / Ms. Rishabha Priya
5. HIRAMMAYEE.B 431913005 Reading Readiness Tool In Tamil (Rrtt) Prof. Amirtha Varshini
6. JEO BABY 431913006 Comparison of EABR and ECAP In Children With Auditory Brainstem Implant Mr.R. Ranjith / Ms. Dhulase Krithega
7. KIRTHANA .M 431913007 Predicting Spiral Ganglion Cell Population In Subjects With Cochlear Implant Mr.R. Ranjith / Ms. Dhulase Krithega
8. KOWSIKA DEVI .B 431913008 Macrolinguistic and microlinguistic performance discourse abilities in Tamil speaking adults and geriatrics – A comparison across age range Prof. Amirtha Varshini / Ms.Maria.J
9. MANISH PODDAR 431913009 Adaptation And Validation Of Vocal Fatigue Index In Hindi(VFI-H) Prof. Amirtha Varshini / Ms. Rishabha Priya
10. MANSHA PARMAR 431913010 Parental Knowledge And Understanding of Care And Maintenance of Cochlear Implant Device In Hearing Impaired Population Mr. R. Ranjith& Mr.Pachaiappan
11. NARENDIRAN.V 431913011 Speech Language Pathologist Views and their Reported Practices on Therapy Materials. Dr. Aravind Kannan
12. NAVEEN SONI 431913012 Audiological Services And Recommendations During The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Systematic Review. Mr.R. Ranjith / Mr.Pachaiappan
13. PRASANTH ANTONY.J 431913013 Vestibular Function Post Cochlear Implantation In Pediatric Population: A Systematic Review. Mr.R. Ranjith / Ms.Jennifer
14. PRATHEEBA.S 431913014 Extended Tamil Phonological Awareness Skills Screening Test [E-TPASST] Prof. Amirtha Varshini
15. PRIYA VADHANA 431913015 Awareness About Communication Disorder Among The Parents Of Neonates Mr.R. Ranjith / Mr.Sanjeev Radhakrishnan
16. SANTHOSHI.R 431913016 Advantages And Limitations of Remote Programming In Individuals With Cochlear Implant Mr.R. Ranjith / Ms. Dhulase Krithega
17. SHATAJ ALIAS AVINASH 431913017 Survey On Awareness About The Field Of Audiology And Speech Language Pathology Among Higher Secondary School Students And Teachers Mr.R. Ranjith / Mr.Sanjeev Radhakrishnan
18. SUJITHA.S 431913018 Characteristics Of Voice In Cochlear Implantees Across Age Prof. Amirtha Varshini
19. SUMANTRA. M.S 431913019 Cepstral Analysis Of Voice In Norm Phonics –A Preliminary Study In Tamil Speaking Population Prof. Amirtha Varshini / Ms. Rishabha Priya
20. SUNIRA IRENE SAGANA.K 431913020 Development of lexical inventory in Tamil speaking primary school children. Prof. Amirtha Varshini / Ms.Sangeetha.G

YEAR: 2018—2020

1. AARTHI.A 431813001 Profiling intra-cochlear impedance measurements in subjects with cochlear implant Mr.R. Ranjith / Ms.Dhulase krithega
2. AISHWARIYA.P 4318133002 Acoustic Analysis Of Diadochokinetic Motion In Typically Developing Children Between Three Years To Six Years Mr.R. Ranjith / Ms.Sangeetha Ganesan
3. ALAKKATTOR SWETA SARMAN 431813003 Knowledge About (Central)Auditory Processing Disorder Among School Teachers Mr.R. Ranjith / Ms.Saranyaa .G
4. AMBAR GUPTA 431813004 Efficacy of Newborn Hearing Screening In Hospital Based Screening Program Mr.R. Ranjith
Mr.Adithya Nair
5. ANUSHA RAO.S 431813005 Adaptation and Validation of Voice Activity and Participation Profile In Tamil(VAPP-T) Mr. R. Ranjith
Ms.Rishabha Priya.S
6. CIBI SIDDARTH.R 431813006 Evaluation of Normal Deglutition Using Surface Electromyography(SEMG) Mr.R. Ranjith / Ms.Divya.s
7. DEEPTHI.PR 431813007 Predicting The Auditory And Non Auditory Responses Using EABR In ABI-Systematic Review Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Deepika Jayachandran
8. ISHWARYA.R 431813008 Adaptation Of Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment Placement Program In Tamil(VB-MAPP-T) Dr.Aravind Kannan
9. JAMUNA.D 431813009 Refractory Properties of Auditory Nerve In Postlingual Cochlear Implantees Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Deepika Jayachandran
10. JAYALAKSHMI P.B 431813010 Comparison of Acoustic Characteristics of Nasal And Oral Segments In Hearing Aid And Cochlear Implant Users-A Preliminary Study Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Rishabha Priya.S
11. JURUSHA BIJU 431813011 Sensitivity of Swallow Screen Protocol(SSP) In Acute Care Mr.R.Ranjith
12. KONINTI SRILATHA 431813012 Profiling Long Term Auditory Outcomes of Children With Auditory Brainstem Implant Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Deepika Jayachandran
13. LINNET.C 431813013 Translation And Validation of Voice Disorder Outcome Profile(VDOP) In Malayalam Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Sangeetha Ganesan
14. MATHEW NISHATH .A 431813014 Testing And Validation of Web-Based Audiometer Mr.R.Ranjith
Mr.Aditya Nair
15. NIKITHA JOSE 431813015 Customizing CI programming Based on Frequency Allocation Tables Mr.R. Ranjith
16. NITHYA.B 431813016 Knowledge About Noise-Induced Hearing Loss among Dental Professionals Mr.R.Ranjith
17. SHERLY.K 431813017 Development Of Symptom Specific Dysphagia Quality of Life Measures In Tamil (SSDQOL-T)- Self Rating Questionnaire Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Divya. S
18. SRI JANANI.Y 431813018 Preparedness To Provide Speech And Language Therapy Services Among New Graduates Dr.Aravind kannan
19. SUMAN MAJI 431813019 Awareness About Audiology And Speech Language Pathology Among Medical Students In Chennai City Mr.R.Ranjith
20. VASANTHI.M 431813020 Knowledge Of Dysphagia Among Nurses –In Indian Context Mr.R.Ranjith

YEAR: 2017—2019

1. AISHWARYA.V 431713001 Refractory Properties Of Auditory Nerve In Prelingual Cochlear Implantees. Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Deepika Jayachandran
2. ANJANAA.M 431713002 Evaluation of Vocal Fatigue: A Comparison Between Subjective and Objective Methods In Teachers, Singers And Singing Teachers Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Rishabha Priya. S
3. HEMAVATHY.R 431713003 Parents ‘perception on Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD): A focus Group Discussion Study Mr.R.Ranjith
4. INDRHRA PRIYADHARSHINI.V 431713004 Translation and Validation of Dysphagia Handicap Index in Tamil (DHI-T) Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Rishabha Priya. S
5. KAVITHA.V 431713006 Development Of Minimal Pair Test In Tamil(MPT –T) To Assess Speech Perception In Typically Developing Children And Paediatric Cochlear Implantees Mr.R.Ranjith
6. KAVITHA SHRI. J.S 431713007 Quality of Sound In Post-Lingual Cochlear Implantees Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Deepika Jayachandran
7. LAKSHMI PRIYA .S.M 431713008 Adaptation Of Stroke And Aphasia Quality of Life Scale(SAQOL) To Tamil Dr.Aravind Kannan
8. MERIN MARIUM 431713009 Comparing Pragmatic Abilities In Typically Developing Children And Children With Cochlear Implants Dr.Aravind Kannan
9. OVIYA.K 431713010 Profiling Long Term Outcomes of Children With Auditory Brainstem Implants Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Deepika Jayachandran
10. OVIYA.M.P 431713011 Modes of Communication in Auditory braimstem Implantees Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Deepika Jayachandran
11. PATRICIA.N 431713012 Survey Of Aphasia Rehabilitation Dr.Aravind Kannan
12. PAVITHRA.S 431713013 Cognitive communicative aspects in children with intellectual developmental disorder Mr.R.Ranjith
13. SHANMUGA PREETHI.V 431713014 Development of Bedside Aphasia Battery In Tamil(BAB-T) Mr.R.Ranjith
14. SHINNY IRENE.P 431713015 Survey on Evidence Based Service Delivery By Speech Language Pathologist Dr.Aravind Kannan
15. SRINIVASAN K.B 431713016 Translation And Validation of Satisfaction With Amplification Device In Daily Life In Tamil For Post-Lingual Adult Cochlear Implant Users Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Amritha G
16. SRIVIDYA.S 431713017 Development of Manual of Swallowing Assessment For Individuals With Cognitive Impairment(MSACI) Mr.R.Ranjith
17. VERONICA.S 431713018 Optimization of Frequency Band Tables In Adults Using Cochlear Implant Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Deepika Jayachandran
18. VIDHYADHARINI.D 431713019 Relationship Between The Screening Checklist For Auditory Processing (SCAP)Scores And Scholastic Performance In Children Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Deepika Jayachandran
19. YAASHWANTH HARI .K.S 431713020 Testing And Validation of Prototype
Version of Computer Based Audiometer
Ms.Deepika Jayachandran

YEAR: 2016—2018

1. ABINAYA.M 431613001 Profile of Physiological And Psychophysical Measures In Single Sided Deafness With Cochlear Implant. Mr.R.Ranjith
2. ANITA REGI 431613002 Development Of Confrontation Naming Task In Tamil For Children Between 3 To 8 Years Of Age. Mr.R.Ranjith
3. ASWIN.A 431613003 Intra Operative Monitoring Of Cochlear Function Using Advance Art- A Preliminary Study On Feasibility And Possibility. Mr.R.Ranjith
4. ASWINI.V 431613004 Development And Adaptation Of Cognitive Linguistic Assessment Protocol In Tamil: An Adaptation Of Clap In Kannada. Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Jasmine Lydia .S
5. DEEPIKA.J 431613005 A Preliminary Study On Frequency Resolution Using Psychophysical Tuning Curves And Differential Limen For Frequency In Post Lingual Cochlear Implant Users. Mr.R.Ranjith
Mr.Narendra Kumar.M
6. SHALINI.D 431613006 Factors Influencing Long Term Outcomes Of Cochlear Implant Under State (TNCMCHIS)And Self-Funded Scheme. Mr.R.Ranjith
7. GAYATHRI.P 431613007 Mental Health And Psycap In Individuals With Stuttering. Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Jasmine Lydia .S
8. JENNIFER.R 431613008 Subjective Assessment Of Vestibular Function In Children. Mr.R.Ranjith
9. KEERTHANA.M 431613009 Auditory And Visual Working Memory In Children Using Cochlear Implants: A Preliminary Investigation. Mr.R.Ranjith
10. LINTO ANTONY 431613010 “A Retrospective Study On Average Stimulation Level And Estimation Of Map Stabilization In Pre Lingual Cochlear Implantees”. Mr.R.Ranjith
11. MEENAKSHI.P 431613011 Subjective Assessment Of Vestibular Function In Children With Cochlear Implant- A Preliminary Study. Mr.R.Ranjith
12. MOHAMMED ELIYAS 431613012 Test Retest Reliability Of Absolute Amplitude In DPOAE. Mr.R.Ranjith
Mr.Narendra Kumar.M
13. PALIPU PRATHIBA 431613013 Pre And Post Comparison Of Fine Structure DPOAE On Music Listening In Young Adults. Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Vineetha Mary Varghese
14. PRIYANKA 431613014 Children’s Communicative Cognition Assessment Battery: Development Of The 3 CAB In Tamil. Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Jasmine Lydia .S
15. RAHUL K.R 431613015 Adaptation Of Littlears Auditory Questionnaire In Tamil. Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Deepika Jayachandran
16. RESHMA 431613016 Development And Validation Of Indian
Questionnaire For Feeding Assessment For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder (IQFA-ASD)
Mr.R.Ranjith & Ms.Jasmine Lydia .S
17. SIVA.G 431613017 Barriers Faced By Audiologist In Practicing Auditory Habilitation Through Telerehabilitation Dr.Aravind Kannan
18. VINEETHA 431613018 Acoustic Analysis Of Stop Consonant Vowel (CV) Production In Children Using Cochlear Implants And Normal Hearing Children. Mr.R.Ranjith
Ms.Jasmine Lydia .S

YEAR: 2015—2017

1. Abirami.A 431513001 Long-term outcomes of CI in children with inner ear malformations and cochlear nerve anamolies Mr.Ranjith R / Subhashini D
2. Ali Fathima.S 431513002 Psychophysical tuning curves in CI children Mr.Ranjith R / Mr.Narendra Kumar M
3. Anita Phoebe 431513003 Profiling outcomes in clients with bimodal hearing Mr.Ranjith R / Mr. Narendra Kumar M
4. Anitha.S 431513004 Dichotic word testing in Tamil speaking children Mr.Ranjith R / Ms. Deepika J
5. Anjusha.M 431513005 P300 in children with CI Mr.Ranjith R / Ms.Deepika J
6. Ansu Sarah 431513006 Correlation between EABR and communication outcomes in children with ABI Mr.Ranjith R / Mr.Aditya Nair
7. Arjun Gopal 431513007 Binaural summation in B/ L CI using objective measures Mr.Ranjith R / Mr.Narendra Kumar M
8. Desteena Abraham 431513008 Profiling outcomes in children with B/l CI Mr.Ranjith R /
9. Elanthendral.C 431513009 Development of associative and scene prime target stimulus material for visual confrontation naming in Tamil Mr.Ranjith R / Ms.Prajna
10. Mamali Sahoo 431513010 Role of Fine Structure Processing in speech perception in CI Mr.Ranjith R / Mr.Narendra Kumar M
11. Nandini.M 431513011 Profiling vestibular function in children with cochlear anamolies Mr.Ranjith R / Ms.Saranyaa G
12. Pachaiappan.C 431513012 Outcomes in children witn CI: Parental perspectives in Indian context Mr.Ranjith R / Ms.Amritha
13. Rebeka Sabu 431513013 Feeding aspects in typically developing children and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Indian context Mr.Ranjith R / Ms. Jasmine Lydia
14. Sam.A 431513014 Investigating the VOR gain function in normal hearing subjects Mr.Ranjith R / Ms.Saranyaa G
15. Sangeetha.G 431513015 Second formant transition of stop consonant vowel production in children with normal hearing and children using CI Mr.Ranjith R / Ms.Jasmine Lydia

YEAR: 2014—2016

1. Mr. Adithya Nair 431413001 A comparative study between early and conventional switch-on dates for subjects with cochlear – a plot study Mr.Ranjith R
2. Mr.David Prabhakaran 431413002 Profiling outcomes in subject with single sided deafness (SSD) using cochlear implant Mr.Ranjith R / Ms.Saranyaa G
3. Ms. Jaicy Thomas 431413003 Visual evoked potential – A Normative study Mr.Ranjith R
4. Mr. Nimesh 431413004 Investigating Differential limen for frequency and intensity in normal hearing subject. Mr.Ranjith R / Mr.Narendra Kumar
5. Ms.Ramla Ismail 431413005 Measuring cross modal plasticity
Using Visual evoked potentials(VEP) in children with cochlear implant
Mr.Ranjith R
6. Ms. Sharmila N 431413006 Phonological sensitivity in children With Learning Disability. Ms.Amirtha Varshini
7. Ms. Sheena Joseph 431413007 Awareness of learning Disability Among Teachers in Different Boards of Education Ms.Amirtha Varshini
8. Mr. Unni Krishnan 431413008 Perception Of just noticeable difference in Children with cochlear Implant. Mr.Ranjith R / Mr.Narendra Kumar
9. Ms. Vineetha Mary 431413009 Visual evoked potentials in Congenitally Deaf Children. Mr.Ranjith R
10. Ms. Yeti Surya 431413010 Correlation between ABR and CAEP In Auditory Brainstem Implants. Mr.Ranjith R

YEAR: 2013—2015

1. Mr.Apdul Kapoor 431313001 Effect Of Rate On Electrically Evoked Auditory Brainstem Response In Different Cochlear Regions Mr.Ranjith R
Mr.Narendra Kumar
2. Mr.Jayachandran 431313002 Outcomes Of Children With Auditory Brain Stem Implantation-An Indian Perspective Mr.Ranjith R
3. Mr.Jothilal Dass 431313003 Monitoring Maturation Of Auditory Cortex In Children With Cochlear Implantation Under Tamilnadu Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme Mr.Ranjith R
4. Ms.Kiruthika 431313004 Maximum Phonation Frequency Range Of Indian Adult Population – A Normative Study Ms.Sharanya Krishnan
5. Ms. Sowmya Kaushik 431313005 A Preliminary Investigation Of The Vocal Behaviors And Characteristics Of Hindi Priests Ms.Sharanya Krishnan
6. Ms.Vinitha Surya 431313006 Tamilnadu Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme-First Outcome Audit On Cochlear Implantation Mr.Ranjith R

YEAR: 2012—2014

1. Ms.Abirami.S 431213001 Development of speech intelligibility in typically developing Tamil speaking children Dr.S.Powlin / Ms.Preethy
2. Ms.Deepthi Vivek.V 431213002 Semantic memory in dementia of Alzheimer’s type Ms.Amirthavarshini.M.J
3. Mr.Poovendhan.A 431213003 Satisfaction with hearing aid-A self reporting questionnaire in Tamil Mr.Ranjith / Ms.Saranyaa . G
4. Mr.SenthilMurugan.N 431213004 Vocal and non-vocal habits in bus conductors-A self reporting questionnaire Dr.S.Powlin / Ms.Sharanya Krishnan
5. Ms.Srimathy 431213005 Relationship between Intra-operative & post-Operative & ABR in subjects with auditory brainstem implant Mr.Ranjith R

YEAR: 2011—2013

1. Mr.Ajith kumar 43111901 Phonological awareness skills in children with cochlear implants. Ms.Amirtha Varshini M J
2. Mr.Anju Elsa Varghese 43111902 Awareness of learning disability among teachers. Dr.S.Powlin
3. Ms. Anna Jose 43111903 Predicting Electrode placement using cortical auditory evoked potentials in children with auditory brainstem implant. Mr.Ranjith R
4. Mr.Bhaskar Dey 43111904 Prevalence of voice disorders among children. Ms.Amirtha Varshini
Ms.Sharanya Krishnan
5. Ms.Caroline Karunya 43111905 Development of speaking situation checklist for adults with stuttering (AWS)-a pilot study. Ms. Vedha Sorubini
6. Mr.Dipendu Das 43111906 Vestibular function in children with cochlear implants –A pilot study. Dr. Aravind Kumar
7. Mr.Jawahar 43111907 Vocal and non-vocal habits, in primary and middle school teachers –a self reporting questionnaire. Ms. Vedha Sorubini
8. Ms.Maria. J 43111908 An intervention program for improving Phonological sensitivity skills. Ms.Amirtha Varshini M J
9. Mr.Narendra Kumar.M 43111909 Electrically evoked auditory brainstem response in complete cochlear coverage. Mr.Ranjith R
10. Mr.Philip Thomas 43111910 Music perception using IOS based Hearing aids Mr.Ranjith R
11. Mr. Piyush Choudhary 43111911 Gaps in noise (GIN) test in younger children –A preliminary study. Dr. Aravind Kumar
12. Mr.Rajiv kumar 43111912 Effect of auditory deprivation on auditory visual integration in cochlear implants users. Mr. Ranjith R
13. Mr.Ram Karthik.M 43111913 Development of ambiguity in sentence processing in bilinguals. Ms.Amirtha Varshini M J
14. Ms.Sathya.P.T 43111914 Comparison of space in children with down’s syndrome and typically developing children. Dr.S.Powlin
15. Ms.Sruthi.S 43111915 Acoustic voice analysis in children with cochlear implant and typically developing children. Ms.Vedha Sorubini
16. Ms.Stephy Antony 43111916 Effects of Temporal variations on vowel identification skills in children using cochlear implants and typically developing children. Dr.S.Powlin
17. Mr.Tanika Mahato 43111917 Rate of speech Bengali speaking young adults. Dr.S.Powlin
18. Mr.Vikas 43111918 Comparison of speech perception in noise with different noise reduction programs in cochlear implant users Mr.Ranjith R
19. Mr.Ganesh Raj.G 43111919 Effect of mobile phone usage on vestibular system –A Vamp study Dr.Aravind Kumar
Ms.Saranyaa G

YEAR: 2010—2012

1. Mr. Anika Agarwala 43101001 Temporal processing in individuals Using cochlear implant Mr.Ranjith & Ms.Muthu selvi
2. Mr. Anup Kumar 43101002 Co-relation between behavioral PTA Thresholds and CAEP thresholds Mr.Ranjith R
3. Ms. Anusha 43101003 Amplitude changes in electrically evoked compound action potential (ECAP) at different cochlear regions. Mr.Ranjith R
4. Mr. Chandrashekar Reddy 43101004 Clinical applications of aided cortical auditory evoked potentials in pediatric auditory Brainstem Implanters – a preliminary study. Mr.Ranjith R
5. Ms. Priyadharshini.D 43101005 Current perspectives of parents and professionals regarding the use of augmentative and alternative communication systems for children with autism spectrum disorders. Ms.Chitra Thadathil
6. Mr. Rishi Gupta 43101006 Refractory properties of auditory never Fiber at different regions in the cochlea. Mr.Ranjith R
7. Ms. Ruth Deborah 43101007 Standardization of the screening tool for identifying children with deviant voice characteristics in Indian population. Ms.Vedha Sorubini
8. Ms. Surabhi Srivastava 43101008 Changes in response characteristics of cortical auditory evoked potentials in bilateral cochlear Implanters. Mr.Ranjith R
9. Mr.Tychicus 43101009 Tamil phonological awareness skill screening test. Ms.Amirtha Varshini M J