Departments & Faculty

Department of Audiology

The Department of Audiology at the clinical unit is well equipped with the state of the art facilities for the assessment and the management of Hearing and Balance disorders. Routine assessments like the Pure Tone Audiometry, Hearing Aid Trial and Hearing aid Optimization are carried out in sound treated rooms.

Physiological and electrophysiological tests like the Immittance Audiometry, Oto Acoustic Emission, Auditory Brainstem Response, Electro Cochleo Graphy are also carried out regularly.Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials (VEMP) is the test used to assess the vestibular system along with the VOG and other subjective tests

Tests to assess the higher order auditory function like the Cortical Auditory Potentials,Mismatch Negativity, P300 are carried out.


  • Mr. R. Ranjith, Associate Professor & Principal
  • Ms. Saranyaa. G, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Narendra Kumar. M, Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Deepika. J, Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Amritha. G, Assistant Professor
  • Mr. Aditya Nair, Lecturer
  • Ms. Vineetha Mary, Lecturer
  • Mr. Pachaiappan, Lecturer
  • Ms. Subhashini, Lecturer

Department of Speech Language Pathology

MERF Institute of Speech and Hearing (P) Ltd., Speech Department is rendering services for individuals with speech and language difficulties. The speech and language clinic offers services for all ages with communication difficulty. We work throughout the week from Monday to Saturday from 8.30a.m to 4.30p.m. The clinic provides diagnostics and therapeutic services for these individuals. During the initial visit, an in-depth speech and language assessment is carried out. After the diagnostic assessment is completed, patient will be enrolled for therapeutic program on appointment basis. We are equipped with the most advanced state-of- art testing equipment and sophisticated software to provide customized treatment to every patient. We offer individual and group speech and language therapy.


  • Dr. Aravind Kannan, Professor
  • Mrs. Jasmine Lydia, Assistant Professor
  • Ms. Divya S, Lecturer
  • Ms. Rishabha Priya, Lecturer
  • Ms. Binta Sera, Lecturer
  • Ms. Divya P S, Clinical Supervisor